Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Victoria the Seedling...Day 2 a Science Camp

Today was the second day of Science Camp. Here's a quick riddle: How is a Tootsie Pop like the Earth's layers?

1) the wrapper is like the crust

2) the hard candy is the mantel

3) the Tootsie roll is the outer core

4) and the stick is the inner core (but it doesn't stick out the bottom)!

Today's subject was PLANT CELLS. I made a DNA necklace with Strawberry seeds (no spit and no urine, DAD!). I'm wearing it right now! I also made a model of a cell with slime, bubble wrap, pipe cleaners, and a marble for the nucleus.

We played on the static electricity exhibit. Why do you think my hair is so frizzy? I stood on the red box and shook my head and VOOOOOM! My hair all stood straight up in the air!

We also did leaf pounding. We collected 3 different leaves. I put the leaves on the concrete and covered them with material. Then I started BAM BAM BAM with the mallet. That made the leaves leave green patterns on the material. You can see the veins and the different colors of green.

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