Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Capitalism and Chicken

The object of Capitalism is to get rid of all your cards as fast as possible. Depending upon the number of players, there are up to 5 ranks: President, VP, Citizen, Hobo, and Scum. Victoria was repeatedly Scum, Matthew didn't break above a Hobo, Brady was the most mobile of all, going from Hobo to President and back a few times, and Andy reached President and VP...even Dad was Pres a few times.

The President starts by discarding his lowest card or pair of lowest cards. Play continues in this way down the ranks. The person who gets rid of their cards first is the new President. If only Democracy were so simple.

After a rousing game of Capitalism, we all had dinner with Mim and Pap...one of Mim's world-renown recipes (but Mom makes it better), Jan's Chicken. Mom made a new twist: Pete's Chicken, which is Jan's Chicken with Texas Pete's and Cayenne. Only Andy, Dad, and Mom DARED to try it. Once the holes in their tongues healed, they were able to say it was pretty good.

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