Friday, July 10, 2009

Fiesta Fiesta Party! (Happy 14th to Andy/Paco!)

For Andy's 14th birthday, we had a Fiesta! with tacos, nacos (Mom's invention), sombreros, a pinata and a water battle.To fake Andy out, Dad took him to Dick's to pretend to buy a golf club for an old dude that works with our father. Brady went to party city and bought Fiesta supplies for my brother's party, including moustaches for everyone to wear (mom wore one too). Matthew, Mom, and Victoria were really busy at the house setting up decorations, cooking, and making drinks. Matthew hung the pinata (aka: tire swing) from the tree in the backyard with bungee cord. We thought it was a good idea until it almost came off the branch and headed towards Mim. But you can't wrap up a good birthday party without an enormous water balloon and silly string war that lasted 3 hours.

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