Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Put Put and Lillyput

Saturday, the boys took Mom put-putting. After the first 9 holes, Brady and Matthew were tied for first place and Andy and Mom were tied for second. That is, until Mom blew it up on the "back nine" taking the course mandated stoke limit of 5 on three holes (rather than the actuals of 7, 6, and 9).
Brady got the first hole-in-one with a miraculous drive down a lovely fairway on the 5th hole, Matthew followed with his hole-in-one on the 7th.
Andy, not to be outdone, took his hole-in-one on the final, 18th hole.
Notice Matthew's unique putting stance; taking after Jose Maria Olazabal...mooning the crowd to make his put.
Meanwhile, back at the Clawson Cave, Lillyput and Victoria were busily helping dad clear out the weeds, limbs, extra plants, brack and foolishness around the grill patio. Lilly took the opportnity to dig a hole deep enough to bury herself (approximately 4 inches deep) and then promptly douse herself up to the eyeballs in muddy water. What a little lady. After a long day of digging, pruning, pulling weeds and stacking branches, everyone needed a little drink!

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