Monday, July 20, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Today I had my second to last day of camp. I did a lot today. I did an ocean habitat. It has sand, hair gel, grass, plastic seashells and sea animals. You will also need a rectangular container. You put in half of the lid of sand. Put it in the bottom of the container. Then you get the hair gel and fill up the container leaving the sand where it is. Then you bang the hair gel down leaving half a quart of the container empty. Then get the grass and put 2 pieces of it in. Shut the lid and tape it.

We also learned about weather a little bit. I made a wind meter. Here's how you make it. You need 4 small Dixie cups. One of them different, 1 Styrofoam ball, a hot glue gun, 3 kaebob sticks, and lastly a straw. Gel 2 of the kaebob sticks and brake them in half. Poke all 4 pieces into the Styrofoam ball evenly. Then poke the sticks in the middle of the cup. Glue them securely in. Then get the big stick and poke it in on the bottom or top. Then glue it. Then put the straw on the long stick. Once your done with that its finished. Then go outside and measure the wind. Count the times the different cup passes you. 15x=1 mph, 30x=2 mph, 35x=3 mph, and 40x=4mph

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