Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Dig Science Camp!

Today I went to my first day of Science Camp. I made four friends in the first few minutes there. There names are Jordan, Anaja, Arianna,and Dakota (Cody).
Our first experiment was the sediment tube. You make a sediment tube by filling a test tube halfway with dirt and the rest of the way with water. Then you cap it TIGHTLY and shake it up. Turn it upside down (rest on the cap) and watch the sediment and the water separate!

Then we learned about the layers of the Earth. There are 4: inner core, outer core, the mantel, and the crust. We live on the crust, it's too hot in the core and too hot in the mantel which is made of magma, not good for your hair.

We all dug holes out in Freedom Park (next to the Science Museum). The dirt in Freedom Park is over 100 years old. We were looking for different types of dirt.

Then we made edible dirt and it was YUMM-O! We used Oreos, vanilla pudding and gummy worms. Mr. Chris yelled "3-2-1 EAT IT!" and we all ate dirt.

In the afternoon we made a SIM. That stands for the Rock Cycle: Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic. To make a SIM, you need a styrofoam cup, three rocks, glue, and googly eyes and feathers (if desired). First, put a Sedimentary rock in the bottom of the cup, then squeeze a good amount of glue on it. Add the Igneous rock next and the Metamorphic rock on top. Decorate the top rock if you like.

Day one of Science Camp was AWESOME!

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